Steiff and the EndPolio bear

World-famous German toy manufacturer Steiff - whose founder, Margarete Steiff, was a polio survivor - will help highlight global efforts to eradicate polio with a special edition teddy bear for this year‘s World Health Summit in Berlin.

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Ramesh Ferris is a 36-year-old polio survivor who was born in Coimbatore, India. At the age of six months he contracted polio and his legs were paralyzed for life. At the age of one Ramesh’s birth mother Lakshmi, unable to care for him, placed him in an orphanage.

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Meet Barbara – polio survivor who tells her story

Barbara was on a train from Dudley, Worcestershire with her family for a summer holiday when she was a child. Shortly after, she began to show symptoms that her doctors later discovered to be polio.

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Parliamentarians from around the world attend One Last Push Summit

Parliamentarians from the UK, Canada and Japan visited New Delhi during the week of 4 April to learn how the knowledge and learning acquired from polio eradication in India can be transitioned into other global health programmes and individual countries’ health systems.

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