The generation that suffered under polio

Watch these polio survivors talk about their experiences of polio.

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Would you donate sixty seconds of your time to help make history?

We believe that no child should suffer from the devastating effects of polio when we have the vaccine to prevent it.

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Find out how a plucky camel named “Promise” is helping Nigeria defeat polio.

In 2015 Nigeria passed the milestone of a whole year without a single case of polio. In fact, the country hasn’t seen a case since July 2014. This is a fantastic achievement and it’s down to the dogged commitment of health workers and hardworking camels like this one, called Promise.

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Would you be willing to go as far as Gulnaz to save a child?

As a frontline polio volunteer, Gulnaz is one of 100,000 trained Lady Health Workers, a unique group of female volunteers who are going to extraordinary lengths to wipe out the disease in Pakistan.

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What does it take to eradicate polio in the world’s most inaccessible places?

In the past, we beat polio in Britain with vaccination programmes in schools. Today, brave health volunteers are getting the vaccine to children in ways you’d never expect.

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In distant villages and valleys, everyday heroes are close to wiping out polio forever.

In the world’s most remote and inhospitable places, courageous volunteers are on the verge of ending polio. But they need our help to achieve this historic victory.

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