On 7 April, a roundtable discussion hosted by Supriya Sule MP took place at the Constitution Club in Delhi. This was attended by the international delegates, a representative from the Pakistani High Commission and a number of Indian MPs representing states including Sikkim, Mahararashtra and Karnataka.

The parliamentarians and other representatives that attended the event all pledged their support by putting their name to the One Last Push Declaration. The Declaration reaffirms their commitment to encourage their respective governments in continuing to champion the fight against polio.

Declaration photo

One Last Push to End Polio- Delhi Declaration

We, the undersigned representatives of various peoples of the world, recognize and affirm the right to health for all people, defined by the World Health Organization as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.  We HEREBY DECLARE:

  1. That every human being deserves to live a life free from polio.
  2. That polio can be eradicated from the world.
  3. That vaccination programs constitute a blueprint for cost-effective, targeted and outcomes-driven international public health interventions for polio and other infectious diseases.
  4. That the global public health effort to eradicate polio – an effort that is both historic and momentous in scale, covering the better part of a century – must be seen through to completion until every child is free from the risk of contracting polio and every country is certified polio-free.
  5. That polio, though its global burden is smaller than ever before, represents a continual threat to the health and wellbeing of all people until it is eradicated from the world.
  6. That the gains made to eradicate polio must be safeguarded through continued engagement between stakeholders including governments and civil society around the world.
  7. That the large-scale global investment in polio eradication, manifest currently in infrastructure, trained personnel, and equipment, must be responsibly transitioned into other global health programs or individual countries’ health systems.

We therefore commit to using all means at our disposal to encourage our governments to continue to champion the fight against polio, to push for the necessary resources to end polio for good, and to support the responsible transitions of existing polio programs into service for other global health goals after polio is finally eradicated.